How to order

Inquiries / Consultations
At our workshop, except for some products, furniture is manufactured after receiving an order.

Please feel free to contact us as we will manufacture it according to your wishes.

We accept from Contact, or by email.

Consultations in The exhibition room attached to the workshop is also welcome.

First of all, please tell us your preference, usage, size, budget, tree species, etc.

We also accept consultations on semi-orders such as changing the size of furniture introduced in Works.

You can also show us the image of the furniture you want (cutouts and printouts).

Please let us know your name , address , telephone number , and e-mail address when you consult with us.

Without contact information, we will be limited in what we can answer.


In addition, the fact that we would like to inform about our workshop furniture, this page Please see because it has been described to.


* We will reply to your inquiry email within 2 days. If you do not receive a reply, please check your junk e-mail.


We will propose a quotation and drawings based on the content of the consultation.

If you have any changes or requests, we will propose again, so please feel free to contact us.

Estimate is free.


If you are happy with the quote and drawings you have proposed, please let us know your order.

We will issue an order confirmation and it will be a formal order.

We manufacture in the order in which you ordered.

Delivery time is about 2 months. Shipping overseas may take longer.

You may have to wait, but please understand that we manufacture each one carefully.

In addition, please note that we cannot accept specification changes or cancellations after the start of production.


Delivery / Payment
We will contact you when the furniture is complete.

Please pay the price by credit card or PayPal after notifying the completion.

It will be delivered by EMS (Japan post).

The delivery fee or shipping fee will be specified in the quotation.

In addition, customs duty and consumption tax may be incurred.

We have taken all possible measures to ensure that the product is defective, but if there are any defects, please contact us within one week from the date of delivery.

Request for posting on HP

The furniture we made will be posted on Instagram and Works.

At that time, the customer's real name will not be stated, but the prefecture name and initials may be displayed.

If necessary, we will also introduce your wishes.

We would also appreciate your feedback for better manufacturing in the future.

We welcome your opinions.