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Umebachi Furniture manufactures and sells original furniture, custom-made furniture, and accessories made of solid wood.

We aim to create furniture that is simple, easy to use, and has a nostalgic feel to it.

We are particular about domestic materials and use safe and secure paint that is kind to people and the environment.

We hope that the furniture will add color to your daily life.


The craftsmen design it themselves.

While incorporating old designs and elements, we try to design them to suit modern life.

We are exploring simple furniture that naturally appears from the Japanese climate.

parquet decoration
tusk tenon
cane seat of chair


We mainly make furniture using domestic (Japanese) hardwoods (chestnuts, walnuts, cherry, ash, pears, etc.).

We dry wood without using any preservatives or insect repellents.

We adopted both natural and artificial drying.

By using both drying methods, the wood will be less erratic.

Veneer plywood may be used if necessary.

(For more information on Japanese hardwoods → Let's go )


We also handle chairs with rattan and danish cord on the seat.

Retro glass made from the Taisho to Showa eras (from 1910's) is used for the fittings of the furniture.

Japanese walnut
danish cord chair
retro glass


We paint with drying oil, which is called oil finish. By finishing with oil finish, you can take advantage of the texture of wood.

The paint is mainly based on linseed oil and tung oil.

We use products that do not contain any chemical substances and emphasize safety (conforming to European toy manufacturing safety standards).

For those who are sensitive to odors, we recommend solvent-free oil paints that have less odor.

(For more information on oil finish furniture → Let's go )


Urethane paint (conforming to the Food Sanitation Law) is also used when water repellency is required, such as on the top plate of a table.

Since it is a permeable paint that does not form a coating film, it looks almost the same as an oil finish.


We also paint with persimmon tannin, which is an ancient Japanese material, and dye with iron mordant.

The color of persimmon astringent changes deeper with the passage of time, and it becomes more tasteful.

(For changes in persimmon astringent paint → Let's go )

natural paint made in Germany
urethane coated coaster
iron dyeing frame mirror


Yukihiro Kato

Furniture maker

Born in Japan in 1984.

2000 Meet woodworking in high school art electives.

2013 Completed the Department of Woodworking and Crafts, Saitama Prefectural Kawagoe College of Technology.

2013-Worked at a custom-made furniture workshop using solid wood.

2018 Kasukabe paulownia chest (Japanese traditional crafts) technology successor training course attended.




Chief of mechanical work for wood processing

Certificate of completion of special education for free grinding

Certificate of completion of special education related to work such as arc welding

Certificate of completion of gas welding skill training

Yukihiro Kato

Minori Ebisudani

After graduating from Kawagoe College of Technology, she was involved in the production of custom-made picture frames.

A department that uses scraps from the process of making furniture.

In charge of "Zukoushitsu".

* We are not currently recruiting staff.

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