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Wooden baby spoon


A baby spoon made from Japanese hardwood.


From the left, Japanese maple, Japanese oak, Japanese wild cherry, and Japanese bird cherry.

Please choose according to your preference.


As a spoon that parents feed during the baby food season.


You can also use it for babies who want to eat by themselves after baby food is over.


It can also be used by adults as a dessert spoon.


We made it considering the size and design so that it can be used as a spoon for a lifetime.


Each one is carefully carved and hand-polished.

We are particular about making the cross section of the handle a round triangle so that it is easy to hold.


In order to increase durability, it is grounded with a paint that complies with the Food Sanitation Law and finished with drying oil.


It is a safe paint that is also used for wooden tableware in nursery schools and kindergartens.

  • ■ Product details

    Material: Japanese maple, Japanese bird cherry, Japanese oak, Japanese wild cherry


    Size: Length: Approximately 130mm Width: Approximately 20mm


    Painting: Permeable urethane paint (Food Sanitation Law compliant), drying oil

  • ■ Precautions when using

    * It can be washed with water, but please wipe off the water after washing. Leaving it in water can cause mold.

    * Avoid using a microwave oven, dishwasher, and dish dryer.

    * If the surface becomes rough, apply cooking oil by rubbing it in and then wipe it off. If possible, the oil should be a drying oil such as flaxseed oil, walnut oil, or perilla oil.

  • ■ Precautions when purchasing

    * Colors may look different on the screen than on the actual product.

    * Because natural materials are used, the grain and color of the products actually delivered may differ slightly from the photos shown.

    * Since it is made by hand, the size and shape may differ slightly.

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