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Children's box chair


A chair for children made of Japanese hard wood.


It is very popular as a gift for baby.


There are two types of tree pecies: Japanese chestnut and walnut.


Chestnut is light in color and walnut is brown.


It is designed to be used from about 1 to 4 years old, and the height of the seat changes to 13 cm and 19 cm by turning it upside down.


You can use it as the child grow.


The model child is 1 year and 4 months old and uses a seat height of 13 cm.



In a wrapping shape, any child can sit with mystery and peace of mind.


By polishing each one by hand, even hard and durable wood will have a pleasant feel.


Since it uses natural paint that emphasizes safety (conforming to European toy manufacturing safety standards), you can use it with confidence.


If you change the placement, you can use it as a table, as a stepping stone, and in various ways.


Children can play house, draw, and play with child's creativity.


When your child grows up, you can use it as a bookshelf.


A joint is provided in the center of the back plate, and a plate called "Yatoi Zane" is sandwiched inside.

It does not interfere with the expansion and contraction of the tree, and at the same time it can secure the strength.

  • ■ Product details

    Material: Japanese chestnut or Japanese walnut


    Size: W315 x D230 x H302 mm


    Painting: beeswax, drying oil


    Weight: Approximately 2.6 kg

  • ■ Precautions when using

    * Do not leave iron products wet. The tannins contained in the wood, iron, and water may react and cause black stains.

    * Please do not put hot things directly. Please use a pot or coaster.

  • ■ Precautions when purchasing

    * Colors may look different on the screen than on the actual product.

    * Because natural materials are used, the grain and color of the products actually delivered may differ slightly from the photos shown.

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