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Rattan tray

Rattan tray


A tray made of rattan on a wooden frame.


The neat design makes it useful for placing various items.

On your desk, it's just the right size to put your glasses and frequently used stationery.


At the entrance, it is also recommended to use it as a key tray.

  • ■ Product details

    Material: Japanese walnut, Amur cork tree, Japanese chestnut, rattan

    Size: 210x105x23mm

    Coating: beeswax, drying oil

  • ■Precautions when using

    *Please do not put wet objects on it.


    *Please do not wash with water.

  • ■ Precautions when purchasing

    *Colors may appear different on the screen than on the actual product.


    *Due to the use of natural materials, the wood grain and color of the actual product may differ slightly from the posted photos.


    *Because it is handmade, the size and shape may vary slightly.

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