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Shell-shaped plate


A plate made from Japanese hardwood.

We made it with the image of a seashell.


It is hollowed out in a way that does not use a woodworking lathe.

Since it is a manual work, it need a physical strength, but a plate with a free shape is completed.


The back side leaves unevenness and looks like a wave.


Tree species include Japanese various hard wood.

No single grain is the same.

You are looking forward to seeing what kind of plate you will receive.

* The tree species will be announced at the time of delivery.

  • ■ Product details

    Material: Japanese hardwood


    Size: Approximately 175 x 120 x 20 mm


    Painting: Permeable urethane paint (Food Sanitation Law compliant), drying oil

  • ■ Precautions when using

    * It can be washed with water, but please wipe off the water after washing. Leaving it in water can cause mold.

    * Avoid using a microwave oven, dishwasher, and dish dryer.

    * If the surface becomes rough, apply cooking oil by rubbing it in and then wipe it off. If possible, the oil should be a drying oil such as flaxseed oil, walnut oil, or perilla oil.

  • ■ Precautions when purchasing

    * Colors may look different on the screen than on the actual product.

    * Because natural materials are used, the grain and color of the products actually delivered may differ slightly from the photos shown.

    * Since it is made by hand, the size and shape may differ slightly.

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