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Wooden tissue case

PriceFrom ¥9,350

A tissue case made from Japanese hardwood.

There are various colors and grain depending on the tree species, and it is rich in expression.

Please choose the tree species to your liking.

There is also a very rare spalted wood *.


The lid is accented by connecting two plates with brass.

Since it is a drop lid type, it can be used even with tissues that are not in the paper box.


* Trees may be damaged for some reason, and microorganisms may invade from there to produce black substances. The complex grain of accidental wood is prized as a precious wood.

  • ■ Product details

    Material: Domestic hardwood, Paulownia veneer plywood, brass



    External dimensions W268 x D138 x H82 mm

    Inner dimensions W250 x D120 x H56 mm


    Painting: Drying oil

  • ■ Precautions when using

    * Do not leave iron products wet. The tannins contained in the wood, iron, and water may react and cause black stains.

  • ■ Precautions when purchasing

    * If you use the tissue in a paper box, there is a box of a size that rarely fits. Please check the internal dimensions of the product details carefully.


    * Colors may look different on the screen than on the actual product.


    * Because natural materials are used, the grain and color of the products actually delivered may differ slightly from the photos shown.

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